How to Get Wooden Planks in Minecraft | Easy Steps

Wooden Planks in Minecraft

Today we discussed wooden plank and its uses and why it is essential. Read the article properly to understand the strategies and their uses. Wooden Plank is a basic necessity of Minecraft, it is used in many things. Usually Wooden plank is used to build stairs and trap doors. You can also build wooden floors which gives a decent look.

How to Get Wooden Planks in Minecraft

There are several ways to get wooden planks. Most of the time it is found in rock areas but some Minecraft players not get wooden planks, so they must open chest boxes. Chest boxes are under the water or in the mountains.

Why Wooden Plank is Essential?

Wooden Planks are essential because without them you can’t have trapdoors, wooden room doors etc. Every resource has its uses and it is necessary to have it.

Wooden Planks in Minecraft

Main uses of Wooden Planks:

  • Stairs are very important because in houses or buildings, you need them to go up and visit the rooftop.
  • A wooden plank is also used in the doors, in every room door is used to give a satisfying look.
  • Beds also need wooden planks to build them up. It is required for the room to have a bed.
  • Boats are used in water to travel from one place to another and they also need wooden planks to build them.
  • Trapddors are used to hide from enemies it is a secret place in a building. They are also made from wooden planks.

These were some important uses of a wooden plank that every Minecraft lover must know.

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